(The amendment would be to fix the various problems with our country, specifically the issue of racial supremacy and immigration.)

Section 1. (Racial Supremacy) Edit

Racial supremacy groups shall be barred from Protesting for racial supremacy within the borders of the United States. They shall be barred from publishing any promotional material all information published about such groups is to be true and accurate. Racial groups shall receive no tax exemption, only a single bank account shall be permitted for each organization to receive donations, but not funds shall come from any level of government within the United States, such donation shall be taxed at fifty percent to be paid into the Treasury of the United States.

(prohibited from owning any land within the United States)

Race shall be defined as: the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

Section 2. (Immigration & Citizenship) Edit

(fix 14th amendment regarding citizenship being based on the location of birth to being who a person is born to, "Children born to American Citizens shall be American Citizens" or something similar.)

Insert "to citizens of the United States" into the first section of the fourteenth amendment between "All persons born" and "or naturalized in the United States"

(Defining Immigration and Deportation protocol)

Persons unlawfully entering the United States shall be removed from the United States to either the country from which they came or to another that accepts them, while awaiting deportation they shall not be released into the public.

Persons found to be residing within the United States unlawfully shall be detained and questioned as to who they are, how they entered and their intentions. They shall then be deported to either their home country or one that will accept them.

Persons currently defined as Dreamers "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" shall be permitted to remain in the United States to finish school, and attend collage, though no government loans shall be issued, nor shall they receive any form of government assistance. An official account shall be established and overseen by the government to which private citizens shall be permitted to assist with Dreamers tuition, however DACA renewals shall not be permitted once a person attains the age of twenty-eight years.

DACA applicants must send or present their plans to the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement for if they're Deferral is denied.