Here at We the People Wikia the Terms of Use are simple in addition to Wikia's Terms of Use.

  • No Excessive Cursing.
  • Racial or abusive misconduct will not be tolerated.
  • Spam will not be tolerated.
  • Threats will result in an instant Ban.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Those under age must have parental consent to be on this website and our Discord Server.

Wikia & Discord Roles

Most roles within the wikia and Discord communities are linked, with some exceptions.

Roles within the wikia community are

  • Bureaucrat: Responsible for final edits to the Terms of Use and Rules on both this site and Discord. Ensuring that Admins & Mods follow these rules.
  • Administrator (Admin):
  • Moderator (Mod): Responsible for ensuring that these rules are followed by everyone. Keep pages clean. (If you are a Mod on the wikia you will be given the Wikia Moderator role, Discord Mods are separate)
  • Assistant (Discord Only): Responsible for assigning rolls to users in Discord, they have no moderation privileges. They can add/remove party rolls under the Moderators and Change Peoples Nicknames as requested.
  • Friend (Discord Only): The Friend tag is planned to be given to those that are not Americans wishing to discuss matters on the server, this role gives them access to the various voice and text channels.

Discord Political Roles

You may be tagged with as many political roles as you wish, just let an assistant know to tag you as such.

(All roles are listed in alphabetical order)

  • Constitutional
  • Democrat
  • Green
  • Libertarian
  • Republican

Any page that is intended to be sent to or reviewed by legislative or executive officials will most likely be moderated.